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Material Solutions for Cars

If a car looks pretty on the lot, it will get a lot of looks. If it feels good and operates smoothly inside, it will attract even more buyers. From aesthetic features, such as the shade of the dashboard, to technology components such as the interactive GPS screen, choose materials that create a comfortable, safe and reliable experience for the driver. On average, Americans spend nearly an hour a day in their cars—make sure they’re your cars.


  • Watch your palette pop with colorants that OEM designers around the world rely on for consistent, vibrant hues
  • Haptic PVC slush material can help you mold touch-sensitive instrument and door panels that transform your vehicles into responsive, high-tech machines
  • Design any application space—from seats to control panels—with cost-effective, lightweight engineered materials

Product Name Description Characteristics Characteristics
OnColor™ Masterbatch colorants Vehicle color harmony Thousands of OEM approvals
Maxxam™ Compounded PP Variety of formulations Extensive OEM approvals
Geon™ VBX PVC slush Excellent haptics Colorability
OnFlex™ LO Low-odor TPE for HVAC, non-slip surfaces and mats Low odor Broad range of tactile feel
Name Category Description  
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