Edgetek™ AM High Heat Resistant Formulations

Ideal for thin walled applications where mechanical performance at elevated temperatures is critical

Edgetek™ AM is a class of flame retardant, halogen free, semi-aromatic polyamides. It differs from conventional polyamides with its higher mechanical strength under elevated operating temperatures. These cost-effective engineered material solutions have been developed for a wide range of electrical and electronic high-end applications in electrical power management, automotive electronics, and consumer industries. Edgetek AM bridges the cost/performance gap between traditional engineered thermoplastics and other high-performance specialty thermoplastics such as PPA, PPS, PSU, PES and PEI.


  • Temperature resistance, with a heat deflection temperature of 280°C
  • Dimensional stability with minimized warpage
  • Flammability (UL94-V0/0.8mm)
  • Glow wire performance (IEC 606095-2-12/-13): GWFI 960°C
  • Excellent electrical properties: comparative tracking index (IEC 60112) 600V
  • Colorability even in light colors
  • Easy processing

Additional Information:

  • Self-extinguishing performance
  • Dimensional stability at high temperature
  • Creep resistance at high temperature
  • Mechanical and electrical performance
  • Ideal for thin-walled parts in multi-cavity molds
  • Non-halogenated formula enables product manufacturing with lower environmental impact
Name Category Description  
Power Shielding Loop for High Voltage Power Stations - Case Study
Case Study
Edgetek™ used in place of thermoset epoxy to formulate a polyamide-based product to meet the required electrical conductivity
Rifle Rail Skins - Case Study
Case Study
Arms manufacturer LWRC International, LLC, switches to Edgetek™ high performance material for M4 semi-automatic rifle rail skin