Geon™ Blow-Molded Packaging

Blow-Molded Packaging

Impact protection and design flexibility

Creative marketers of foods, beverages, personal care items, general packaged goods, oils, chemicals, waxes, flammable fluids, and aliphatic hydrocarbons choose Geon™ Blow-Molded Packaging vinyl solutions for a number of reasons.

In addition to their glass-like sparkle and clarity with UV protection, these vinyl packaging materials provide virtually limitless design capabilities while maintaining excellent impact properties.


Features & benefits of Geon blow-molded vinyl for packaging include:

  • Vinyl is recycled every day, making it an environmentally sound choice.
  • Food-grade products with years of safe use in FDA-approved food applications.
  • Impact formulated to meet specific application requirements from normal to very high.
  • Chemically resistant to many solvents, acids, bases, and oils.
  • Transparent for clear packaging.

Excellent melt properties utilizing low-cost tooling for creating packaging with:

  • Handleware
  • Large sizes for bulk products
  • Wide ovals
  • Unique shapes for small volume items

Blow-Molded Packaging
Product Name Description Blow Molding Process Impact Application Food Grade*
Geon Multipurpose Compounds
2188GC FDA, Glass-Clear, Low-Odor Extrusion High Packaging for specific types of food
2188GC-3V FDA, Glass-Clear, Good Clarity UV Extrusion Medium Toiletries, Cosmetics, Other Light Sensitive Products
2190 FDA, Trans High Impact Extrusion Very High Large Bottles
M2110 FDA, Standard Appearance Extrusion Medium Wide mouth dry goods
2192 FDA, Glass-Clear Extrusion Medium Dry Goods
161J-1 Clear, Slightly Blue Extrusion High Shampoos, Detergents, Disinfectants, Cleaning Fluids, Alcohols, Bleaches, and Liquid Floor Waxes
161J-1 Glass-Clear Extrusion High Shampoos, Detergents, Disinfectants, Cleaning Fluids, Alcohols, Bleaches, and Liquid Floor Waxes
Geon Specialty Compounds
2190 FDA, Clear Extrusion Very High Bottles requiring high Bottle Drop Impact
161JA Opaque, White Extrusion High Automotive Additives, Charcoal Lighter Fluids
2188 FDA, Clear Extrusion High Low Odor Food and Cosmetics
2797 Clear, Chemical Resistant, Low Crease Whitening Extrusion Medium Pine Cleaners, Limonene Cleaners, Disinfectants, Detergents, Alcohols,
VB 9-51 FDA, Transparent, Amber Extrusion Medium Coffee Creamer, Suntan Lotion
2710 Amber Transparent, Amber Injection Medium Hair Care Products
2710 Clear Transparent, Clear Injection Medium Cosmetics, Hair Care
M2715 Frost Appearance Injection Medium Cosmetics, Hair Care
XPL 293 Frost FDA, Frost Appearance Extrusion Medium Cosmetics, Hair Care
Purges and Additives
OxyPurge Opaque Purge Compound Extrusion Standard Clean minor carbon buildup, machine shutdowns, product changes for blow molding extruders
Clear OxyPurge Clear Purge Compound Extrusion Standard Clean carbon buildup, Product Changeovers
UV Sorb-1 Clear UV Extrusion High FDA and GP applications where high levels of regrind are required. Consult PolyOne when used in food-grade applications RB-FG
Name Category Description  
Extrusion Blow Molding Geon™ Rigid Vinyl Compounds - Technical Service Report
Technical Service Report
Technical Service Report 37: Selecting machinery, screw design, tooling suggestions, operational guides and bottle design and testing for Geon™ Rigid Vinyl Compounds