Geon™ HTX™ Alloys

Geon HTX

Engineering-grade performance for molding and extrustion

Geon™ HTX™ higher heat rigid vinyl alloys exhibit engineering-grade performance in a broad array of molding and extrusion applications. Geon HTX alloys extend the performance advantages of rigid vinyl materials over an elevated temperature range, making them the cost-effective alternative to plastics such as FR ABS, modified PPO, polycarbonate and PC/ABS blends.


  • Extends heat distortion temperature above standard rigid vinyl formulations
  • Grades available with excellent low temperature impact performance
  • Maintains key vinyl attributes of flame, chemical and UV resistance
  • Injection molding and extrusion grades available

Geon HTX Alloys
Product Name Processing Method Exterior Performance HDT (F°) Property of Note
Geon HTX M6215 Injection Molding
172 IEC Compliant
Geon HTX M6307 Injection Molding
165 Low Temperature Impact
Geon HTX 66311 Injection Molding
169 High Flow, Low Temperature Impact
Geon HTX M6230 Injection Molding
180 High Flow, Medium Impact Resistance
Geon HTX Ultra LA426 Extrusion
196 High Impact
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